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Adrian McKague

Private Chef in Toronto

About Adrian McKague

Adrian McKague is a private chef based out of Toronto, Ontario in Canada. From an early age, Adrian was enamoured with all things related to food, often helping his parents prepare the family’s nightly meal. In high school, he volunteered to help out the workers in the cafeteria, even going so far as to suggest new recipes for them to use. The consensus among his peers at school was almost universal; he had drastically improved the menu.

After graduation, Adrian McKague attended a chef’s college in the metropolitan Toronto area, receiving high marks and praise for his innovative use of cooking techniques and his unique blending of ingredients to produce interesting flavours. He earned his chef’s trade certification and Red Seal endorsement not long thereafter, followed by his Chef de cuisine certification, as administered by the Canadian Culinary Institute of the Canadian Federation of Chefs and Cooks. Ever the adventurer, Adrian then took six months off to tour the European continent—primarily France, Belgium, and Italy—in order to taste the local cuisine and gain inspiration for his forthcoming career as a gourmet chef.

Adrian worked at a number of Canada’s most prestigious restaurants, fine-dining spots, and boîtes, eventually rising through the ranks to be made the head chef of one such establishment. In the early 2010’s, Adrian McKague began to offer his services as a private chef. He accepted a position with a wealthy, Toronto-area couple which he happily holds to this day.

Adrian McKague
Adrian McKague - Private Chef Toronto

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